How To find The Best Contractor

This video discusses the best way to find a concrete contractor. Searching for a good contractor to help with construction work is difficult. This is mainly because there is a large amount of construction happening today, most of which is new construction and rehab work.

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The first step you want to take is to find good people for real estate and the work you want to accomplish. It is all considered a funnel. Next, you need to commit to the process.

A great way to get people into your funnel is to use referrals. When you get those names, you want to hold onto them and put them on your list. Keep track of who they are and the work they do. When you see their work, take a picture of it. Referrals are essential, but it is only a step in the process. It provides you a list from which to start, but you still want to look at the concrete contractor’s work and keep track of it. You can also have them work on something small to see how well they perform.

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