How to Restaurant Booth Upholstery

Choosing booth seats for your restaurant seems straightforward enough. According to the “DIY: Measure to order replacement restaurant booth seat covers” video, you should take note of the width and measure the length. There are also other things to consider than just the dimensions. There are many different styles and restaurant booth upholstery options available.

Ensure you take a few more steps before placing that order for those replacement restaurant booth seat upholstery that you need to complete your dining room seating setup.

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To get started, sketch your new seating configuration in your establishment. Draw out how many rows and columns of booths you wish to replace on paper.

Be sure to include the width of the aisles in your seating arrangement. Also, be sure to include front, rear, and sidewalls. Take note of the style of the booth seat. It is best to go with a standard height seat as it is easier and lighter to move around. However, if you prefer high-top booths, ensure you have enough room for them before purchasing.

Your seating arrangement is only one aspect of your entire booth setup. It is best to order these replacement restaurant seat covers at once. Take a seat in each of your booths. Measure the length of each row you wish to replace before measuring the width. This will ensure no gaps between your seat and the table or wall behind it.

These simple steps will help you determine the dimensions that you need to include with your order for restaurant booth upholstery. You can rest assured that all items are ordered at once by following them.

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