How Fire Sprinklers Work

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Fire sprinkler systems are simple and effective safety measures that keeps buildings and the people inside of them safe. A fire sprinkler designer will map out the entire building and put sprinklers in the right spot for proper fire suppression. This video shows how a fire suppression system works to prevent fire emergencies.

The fire system is connected to a building’s water supply and sprinkler heads are installed at regular intervals around the building. If a fire starts and the temperature starts rising, a glass bulb with liquid inside starts to expand. If it expands enough, it sets off the sprinkler system.

There are multiple different types of glass bulbs filled with different liquids. There are orange bulbs that break at 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Red bulbs break at 155 degrees Fahrenheit. The different colors continue on up to an operational temperature of 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are wet pipe systems that use water and dry pipe systems that use nitrogen. Pressurized nitrogen is released first to suffocate the fire of oxygen, and then water fills the pipes. They are used in cold climates where frozen water in the pipes can lead to ineffective fire prevention.

For more information, check out the video in the link above.

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