Ultimate Guide to Tilt Up Contruction

You may have heard of tilt up construction, but do you actually know what happens within a day of a construction worker? In this video, an expert will go over the process of erecting a tilt up building and how it all fits together perfectly with the whole team working together.

There are six distinct steps to this kind of construction process. The expert in this video goes over them in full detail, discussing how important each step is for one another.

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The first step that happens is preparing the site and pouring the foundation slab. Almost every single building that is built nowadays has foundation poured below it. This foundation keeps the building or home secure and in place, ensuring it doesn’t sink into the dirt ground. This foundation slab needs to be perfectly poured and leveled to ensure a successful build in the end. Once the foundation is poured, the wall panels are formed.

Watch this entire video to learn all about how this kind of construction works and see just how the entire process works from start to finish with a team of certified professionals.


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