Commercial Relocation 101: How to Move Your Business to a New Location

If you are wondering how to move your business to a new location, thoroughly understand what relocation requires and how you will pay for it before deciding whether to relocate your firm. Although costly, and the fact that it requires corporate financing to cover expenses like rent, moving, and personnel relocation, business relocation can be good for your company. Below are some commercial relocation 101 tips to guide you in your move.

1. Look for Movers

Have you relocated before? Imagine how stressful moving just your family was, and then consider how tedious moving your entire business can be. When moving your workplace, there are several moving pieces to consider, unlike when moving your house, where you only need to think about yourself and your family.

When doing a budget on how to move your business to a new location, prioritize getting the right movers. Your business set-up is more delicate and requires professionals to disassemble cubicles, pack up computers or other delicate tech gadgets, and then reassemble them accurately in the moving destination. Commercial movers have all the specialized tools and know-how required to safely disassemble and move your belongings to your new office location, along with computers, printers, and servers.

They’ll also reassemble them on arrival in the new office. Since time is money, you don’t want your business to stay closed for long as you execute the move, as you’ll likely incur losses. If you attempt to relocate independently, your doors will remain closed for several weeks as staff members waste productive work time packing up stuff and helping with the move. Instead, hire professional business moving services to help with the move. They’ve done this before and will take less time, leaving personnel to spend their day working on projects rather than wasting time attempting to assist with the move.

2. Consider the Security of the New Location

When researching how to move your business to a new location, get recommendations for the right commercial security services for your next office. Defining your security requirements is the first step in hiring the best commercial security services.

Ask yourself what property you want to secure. What particular security worries do you have? This way, you can source the best services to meet your needs since the type of security you need depends on the assets you want protected.

If hiring commercial security guards this is a big decision. While there are numerous things to consider while making this choice, researching possible suppliers is one of the most crucial. You can read online reviews for commercial companies with a better reputation. You can also ask your business friends to recommend suitable companies. The goal is to establish which security company is known for offering dependable services.

When looking for business security services, research to ensure you hire a respectable provider. Once you’ve selected a few businesses, contact them for quotes and more details about their services. Also, inquire about their background and insurance credentials.

3. Office Carpet Cleaners

Before you understand how to move your business to a new location, outsource services such as carpet cleaning. Items such as rugs, mats, and carpets require regular cleaning. Choose a service with a good reputation of dependability and ability to deliver quality work on schedule.

The company must have a portfolio of satisfied clients. Finally, a solid reputation indicates that a business will probably endure and continue to offer service in the future. How long your carpets and rugs last after cleaning will depend on the commercial carpet cleaning services you choose. You risk irreversible damage from over-wetting, inappropriate or wrongly mixed chemicals, poor brushing, and other subpar procedures from lesser-skilled companies.

Make sure you price-compare. Most commercial carpet cleaning services will give you a cost estimate over the phone or via email if you can give them a precise description of your requirements. The pricing information for local cleaners is included in the Checkbook’s evaluations. Consider the number of services a cleaning company offers and pick one that meets or exceeds your expectations. While some businesses only provide basic cleaning services like vacuuming and spot removal, others provide more thorough services like stain removal, deep cleaning, and odor removal.

4. Pest Control Services

You should carry out a pest control check before moving into the new office to ensure the safety of your items and staff. Another tip when considering how to move your business to a new location is this: better safe than sorry. Pests can be a nuisance, and it pays to be prepared. You’d incur a little cost in fumigating your new offices than have to deal with an infestation after moving in.

Commercial pest control services come with a lot of experience. Find out exactly how much experience they have. Working with a local business is excellent since they understand the area’s insect problems.

Trust a commercial pest control service if they have considerable experience in the business, indicating they’ll be there whenever you need their services. When responding to your inquiries, the pest exterminator you speak with must sound informed and confident. Check their licensing as well. Professional pest control businesses must have a license to operate in their region.

Every business needs the services of a professional pest controller willing to visit your premises so they can understand the size of your property and areas that need attention before giving you a quote, which must be reasonable. The quote should be clear enough, indicating how much you’ll be paying and the services you can expect. Depending on what you do, you may need regular pest control services.

For example, if you work in food production, ask if they offer long-term services. This is a great option for regular checkups, so you don’t have to deal with a pest invasion. And should you, for any reason, have an emergency pest infestation, they’ll be at your doors in an instant.

5. Get a Building Contractor

Time is of the essence when planning how to move your business to a new location. When hiring commercial building contractors, ensure the project will be finished swiftly, effectively, and to your standards. To renovate your new offices or the building that houses them, the main thing to consider is the budget you’re working with. It is a good idea to look into your options and obtain quotes from several contractors before picking one.

Each bid should clearly outline the costs associated with the completed project: sourcing building supplies, labor, and license fees. Research to understand the general necessities of the building or renovation project; that way, you can make informed decisions.

Work with a reputable and trustworthy commercial contractor. Assess its reliability and reputation in the market by looking at its past clientele and how long they have been around. Consider your rapport with them; you’ll need to get along well with them as your project evolves. Besides being diligent and responsive, the contractor should ideally have a pleasant personality, a sympathetic outlook, and a sound moral compass.

6. Hire Cleanout Services

Every step in your “how to move your business to a new location” checklist will be hectic. The greatest tip you can receive is to simplify your work and avoid stress as much as possible. The most significant cause of ‘relocation stress’ is insufficient time, especially since you’re trying to minimize downtime.

It’s wise to invest in a commercial cleanout service to clean up for the next occupants. As packing up and disassembling machines may leave the office untidy, delegate this role to a cleaning company. Even though you’re moving out, you want to make things easy for your former building owner. Save them the trouble of cleaning the mess you leave behind by hiring a cleaning service after moving out.

Get settled as soon as possible and have the office set up and running, too. After the move, you can guarantee higher employee happiness and productivity by keeping your office clean and immaculately organized. You can therefore use the same cleaning services to clean up and organize your new offices.

To find cleaning services for your new office, use referrals, advertisements, or online reviews. Be specific with your needs and standards. Whoever you pick should visit first to discuss the specifics of the products to be used, give a quotation, and agree on a cleaning schedule should you require their services regularly.

7. Window Repairs

Your “how to move your business to a new location” checklist should include a window repair or replacement budget. This is a costly expense, especially if you decide to replace them with energy-efficient ones. If you need window repair services, work with experienced companies with credible experience installing windows. After narrowing down several commercial glass replacement service providers, compare their services and rates. This way, you’ll not be taken advantage of, especially if you’ve relocated and hardly know anyone. Keep in mind that the materials and techniques used by various repair businesses vary. Inquire about the anticipated repair turnaround time to ensure the repair firm can meet the agreed-upon deadline.

Even though glass repair companies are in it to make a profit, choose a business that provides an amiable, welcoming service. Since the repairers will be spending time in your place of business, this is quite important. Make sure the person you choose is someone you can talk to. You should be free to ask questions about their progress.

8. Hiring Roofing Companies

After researching how to move your business to a new location, you’ll find that new office repairs are among the most costly. When building or renovating the office you’re moving into, ensure its roof is intact, or get expert roofers to install one. If there’s a roof problem with the commercial building you’ve rented space in, repairing it could be extremely costly, and if you have to replace it, be prepared to shell out even more cash.

It’s critical to strike the perfect mix between high-quality work and affordability when repairing your new office’s roof. Putting quality first can help you save money in the long term by ensuring that repairs or replacements are done correctly to stand the test of time despite the cost. Before choosing a commercial roofing company, consider the job’s scope. Get referrals from friends or other business owners on reputable roofers. Check that they have insurance coverage, licenses, and certificates per the state you’re relocating to.

9. Find Concrete Services

When searching the internet for “how to move your business to a new location,” you’ll realize that consistency or improvement is key. It doesn’t make sense to downgrade to a less appropriate office with stripped-down amenities. You may find it hard without a patio, a driveway, or a spacious parking space for you and your staff.

Any commercial building project’s success strongly depends on the knowledge and abilities of the commercial concrete company. A trustworthy contractor is necessary for everything from laying foundations to building long-lasting structures that look great. Find a company offering concrete services to spruce up your new offices, the driveway, and the parking lot if the current one is bumpy and in dire need of repair.

10. Get Moving Companies

A lot could go wrong if you don’t know how to move your business to a new location, especially if you take up the task of moving independently. The loss is on you if you or your workers accidentally drop a computer while moving. Unlike you, however, commercial moving companies have liability insurance. If an item is damaged or lost during the relocation, the insurance will reimburse you for a portion of its worth. You may not have similar coverage if executing the move by yourself; you’ll be responsible for losses or damages that might occur.

Even though pulling off a DIY move may make sense to save a buck or two, doing an office solo could cost you more. You could lose thousands of dollars if just one employee sustains an injury or if one important piece of equipment suffers permanent damage. Moving your business is a risky move that could be very strenuous. If you factor in the downtime, it can be extremely costly. But if you’ve done your research and settled on a professional moving company with reliable credentials, the move can be smooth, even memorable, in a positive kind of way.

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