What to Do With Your Push Bar

When you think of entering and exiting an office building, what do you normally think of? Is it revolving doors when you enter? Or the automatic doors that track motion? You probably didn’t think about the most reliable means of exiting a building, the universal push bar. These don’t exactly have to be in office buildings. In fact, you have probably seen them everywhere.

From your favorite ice cream shop to the Empire State Building, this means of exit can be found around the globe. Electrified exit devices and these push bars are some of the best in the business. So, you just got some for your business and need to install them.

Having your ideal spot for these in mind, it’s important you do the correct measurements before the installation process. Once the magic number is found, cut down the rail to your needs. One thing more important than the measurement is the correct tools. Prepare the door using the template and a drill. Next, you need to install the device to the prepared door with the proper holes. Secure the mounting plate so the push device. Make sure the device is secured and insert the necessary brackets.

When the pieces are together, your door should be all set. The importance of following instructions and taking the correct measurements is crucial. Understand that the door will accrue mileage very quickly and could be damaged. Finally, enjoy your new electrified push bar!

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