How To Dress For Your Daughters Wedding

A woman’s wedding day is significant for her and her father. Not only will she walk down the aisle but the father of the bride will accompany her, which means attendees will see his fashion sense as well. What is the best attire when considering father of the bride suits? These three styles may be helpful during the search for the right look.

Those going for a more formal look may want to consider a checkered suit with a matching vest.

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Pairing a white button-down shirt with a skinny black tie brings even more formality to the attire. Plain black shoes will go well with this look.

Another idea for fathers searching for the ideal style is to go the way of tradition. A tuxedo, whether navy or black, with either a pale blue or white shirt, ensures that all the fashion bases are covered. Wearing brown shoes with a navy tuxedo brings a bit of edginess to what is typically considered a “safe” look.

A final style option is a modern look. This look is accomplished by wearing a black suit with a matching vest and white shirt. A dark-gray tie and classic black shoes further drive the point of a more modern look home.

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