How are Roads Made?

We often don’t even think about the roads we drive on unless there is a problem with them. Our whole day could be going perfectly until we hit a pothole and spill coffee everywhere. Without a doubt, we take smooth, paved roads for granted. Have you ever stopped to think about what your city would be like before any roads were made? How do you even build a road? Well, this video shows the road-making process from the planning stages to the finished product.

Without a doubt, there is a lot more that goes into a road than initially meets the eye. It is not simply paving over an area, the area needs to be leveled, covered in gravel, precisely measured.

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Even before all of this, the road designer needs to take into account the traffic flow of the area, as well as the environmental impact the new road will have. Once the road plan is put into action, earth will need to be removed, added, and scooted around for it to have a perfectly level surface. Storm water pipes and gutter systems must also be added before the road is left to commercial pavers and painters. Then, it is finally ready to drive on.


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