Pros and Cons Glass Doors

Usually, when deciding on which type of material to use for sliding patio glass doors, people are often divided between fiberglass and vinyl. Some think fiberglass outperforms vinyl, while others prefer the latter over the former. In the YouTube video, “Sliding patio doors: fiberglass vs.

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vinyl,” expert Jay Johnson explains the pros and cons of both materials.

An advantage of fiberglass doors over vinyl doors is using two panels for doors that are ten feet, unlike vinyl glass doors that require three panels for doors over nine feet. So, if you want to maximize the number of panels, fiberglass represents the better option.

Fiberglass differs from vinyl in the rollers used and the multi-point lock system. While these might not seem significant, the difference in the material used for the rollers (stainless steel for fiberglass; nylon for vinyl) and the kind of multi-lock system affect the ease with which the doors slide and the level of security, respectively.

So, if you are deciding on which kind of glass door material to use, it is advisable to look into the makeup of what’s being installed. That way, you can get the best possible deal.


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