What You Didnt Know About Mold and Mildew

As stated in the video, mold and mildew are a type of fungi. They both grow on damp surfaces.

Mold is usually white, green, black, or brown.

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Its texture is fuzzy and thick.

Mildew is a type of mold. It looks dusty and is white, yellow, black, or brown. Mildew is found on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, food, and other household items.

Mold spreads fast as it grows in colonies near its source. It smells like rotting cheese. Mold spores are allergens that may cause a runny nose, rashes, and asthma attacks. These spores can be toxic. Mildew causes milder symptoms.

Mold ruins the surfaces it settles on. Repairs can be costly as items may need to be replaced. Mildew is treated at home to prevent regrowth. Mold should be eliminated by professionals.

Products to Remove Mildew
– Vinegar
– Hydrogen peroxide
– Specialty products like Concrobium.

Prevention of Mold
– Install exhaust fans in bathrooms
– Use storage containers with holes
– Dry towels and sponges properly
– Use squeegees or towel dry bathroom tiles
– Declutter bath area

Eliminating moisture ensures there is no chance of mold and mildew occurring.

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