What You Need to Know About RV Insurance

RV insurance isn’t something you think about, especially not while you’re out on the road enjoying beautiful views, but there are some issues you’ll need to know about. Keep reading to learn about the different types of RV insurance.

The first RV insurance type is expanded personal property coverage. This coverage would include flat-screen TVs, appliances, stereo equipment, bikes, and kayaks.

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Since RVs have more personal items than a car you’ll definitely want to have expanded personal property coverage.

The second type is permanent attachments coverage. This covered anything attached to the RV that is not part of the RV. This includes satellite dishes, solar panels, backup cameras, and more.

The third type is emergency expense coverage. While auto policies may include a rental car, you’ll want your RV policy to include much more than that since you live in an RV. This coverage will help take care of paying for transportation, lodging, and food if there is an emergency where you cannot use your RV.

To learn about more types of RV insurance that you should have on your RV, watch the video above!


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