How Does the Braces Treatment Work?

If you or your child are getting ready to undergo braces treatment, you may want to be prepared. It is a simple treatment, but you may be curious as to how it works and how your teeth will become straight, no matter how severe the misalignment was. In this video, we will be shown how braces work and how they are very beneficial to people of all ages, no matter how big or small their misalignment is.

Before the treatment begins, your teeth will be polished and cleaned thoroughly to ensure the braces will be placed on a clean surface. Next, an adhesive is brushed onto your teeth, which will keep the brackets in place.

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The orthodontist will then install the metal braces onto your teeth. The wires will connect each bracket and will be tightened to start the process of aligning your smile. If you are in need of rubber bands to help this teeth alignment, they will add these as well, using the brackets to hold them in place.

You can discuss the entire treatment with your orthodontist before it starts, you know everything that will happen to help you prepare. Watch this video to see how this treatment begins.


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