How to Set Up a Strength Training Program

Whether you’re heading back to the gym after a long period away or you’re braving the weight room for the first time, figuring out what actually to do once you hit the gym can be daunting. The good news is, as long as you know what your goals are and some weight training basics, you’ll be good to get started in the gym — be it a commercial gym or your personal home gym. Check this out to start your strength training programs.

When you’re starting your first training program — regardless of your experience level — it’s going to be most effective if you’re clear about your goals from the jump.

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Are you looking to build muscle? Get stronger overall? Change your body composition? Improve your conditioning or general health? After all, your workout:

Can be accumulated with just 10-minute bouts of exercise throughout the day.
Doesn’t need to be done with a gym membership.
Can be done with exercises in the comfort of your own home or while outside (weather permitting). The best workout is the one that you actually stick with, and people make things FAR too complicated and try to target a bazillion different individual muscles with six types of exercises for each body part.

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