Ultimate Guide to Torque Measurements

You might be wondering, what is torque? What are torque measurements? How are they used? How do they add up? Well, all of your questions about torque will be answered in this video. In this video, an expert goes over what torque is and how its measurements are used.

The definition of torque is that it is a measurement of the forces that causes something to rotate around a point. This could be a small or large wrench turning a nut or a bolt.

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You can get torque by multiplying the force used with the length of the wrench used. When it comes to bicycles, there is low and high gear torque. Low gear is when there is a low speed, but a high torque. High gear is when there is a high speed, but a low torque. Torque can be seen in cars as well, which you can see explained in this video.

Watch this entire video to learn all about what torque is and how to figure out the measurements of torque when working on a project. There is so much more to learn about torque, but these are just the basics .


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