Ultimate Guide to Porta Potties

Porta potties are portable toilets designed for outside events. They have multiple uses, and some are even suitable for indoor use. This video shows you how a porta potty operates and how to prevent your waste from harming the environment.

Potter potties contain aluminum and polyethylene material covered by a translucent roof that deflects the sun. They also have tank vents to allow increased airflow.

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When people visit the facility, urine is collected and redirected into a 60-gallon holding tank. The tank contains chemicals such as blue dye, biocide, and fragrance that break down the solid waste.

The flushing mechanism uses a hand or foot. A pump generates pressure which circulates the chemical contents of the tank through a pipe into the toilet bowl. Toilet bowls are regularly serviced to replenish toilet paper and water and to maintain hygiene. Unlike other toilets, portable toilets do not require a sewer system connection. Instead, they’re used for temporary waste storage until a professional cleaning crew disposes of them. Since these containers are self-contained, they need to be removed by dedicated people. A sanitation worker can service between 40 to 50 units daily and clean after every 100 uses.


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