What to Expect for Your DOT Physical Exam

You must successfully complete the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical if you work as a truck driver. The medical professionals can conduct the examination if your DOT physical examinations are overdue. You should be aware of what to anticipate if this is your first DOT physical.

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You will be questioned extensively about your medical history during your DOT physical examinations. You have to be sincere. If you aren’t, there can be dire repercussions if you have an accident.

You will be questioned about your usage of alcohol and drugs throughout the physical. Again, when answering these questions, you must be sincere. You will be expected to provide a urine sample as part of your DOT physical in order to be tested for diabetes and other medical issues.

To have your weight recorded in your DOT physical report, you will need to stand on the scale. To obtain your DOT card, you must pass the eyesight test. To make sure you can see clearly, our examiner will have you read an eye chart. Make sure you have your glasses or contacts on during the test if you wear them. Know more about DOT physical examinations by watching this video.

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