Which Color Should You Choose for Your Gemstone Engagement Ring?

Diamonds aren’t for everyone; according to the narrator in the video, not every woman wants a diamond engagement ring. Some women like colors as opposed to the typical colorless shiny appearance of diamonds. It’s for this reason that most of them opt for gemstone engagement rings. Which color should people choose for their gemstone engagement rings?

One of the colors for gemstone engagement rings is blue, typically found in sapphire. According to the narrator in the video, sapphire is durable and perfect for more traditional women.

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The next color for engagement rings is deep red, typically found in rubies. Rubies aren’t as durable as diamonds, but they can stand the test of time. The type of women who love ruby engagement rings is fiery, soulful, and passionate.

The third color for gemstone engagement rings is green, typically found in emeralds. This stone isn’t as durable as diamonds, rubies, or sapphire, but it’s hard enough to be used on an engagement ring. Women love emerald because it’s dreamy thanks to its fiery green color. An emerald engagement ring would be perfect for a passionate and soulful woman.


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