Tips for Using a Fertilizer Spreader

Watch this video to get tips for using a fertilizer spreader when maintaining your lawn. Improper use of the spreader will damage the lawn or the spreader. Here are vital tips to avoid these pitfalls.

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Begin by checking the mechanical parts of the spreader to confirm they are working correctly. Removing stuff from the spreader once you put it in is unpleasant. Check the tires for correct inflation. The next tip that saves you back aches is to pull the fertilizer spreader up to your hatchback or any raised position. Place the bag on the raised surface and pour the contents on top of the spreader. It saves your back and prevents spillage. The mode of spreading is the tip that allows you to avoid ugly zebra stripes on your lawn.

The best way to apply your fertilizer is in two rounds of crisscrossing movements. Apply vertical-line spreads, and then horizontal line spreads. The checkerboard pattern ensures that the fertilizer is evenly applied, unlike the popular diagonal movement most people use that creates zebra stripes on your lawn when the diagonal lines are uneven. Set the recommended settings in half because the checkerboard pattern applies fertilizer twice. The final tip is to blow off your driveways when finished to remove any fertilizer on your driveways on walkways and clean the spreader before storing it to ensure it is in top working condition.


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