Hiring a Disability Lawyer

You may be asking yourself if it is time to hire a disability attorney. This video touches on the four instances where hiring a disability lawyer is imperative. When you are applying for the benefit, when you are already on claim, during the appeal process, and during the litigation process, are all times that a lawyer can help you!

Your application to the insurance company sets the groundwork for the possibility of you receiving disability, and having an attorney should help you through this process to increase your chances. After you are approved, you need to constantly update medical records to ensure you continuously qualify for the disability, which is reevaluated each month.

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Many people wait until their appeal is denied to hire a disability lawyer, but you can save yourself a lot of stress and time by having a lawyer look over your claim before it comes to that. Once your claim is denied, anything that happens after that is not looked at by a judge, so it may be too late at that point to argue against the court. All they will look at is if you are actually disabled and if the insurance company acted within its rights. Oftentimes, the judge’s hands are tied at this point and your case will get dropped. This is why it is so important to hire a disability lawyer before you even start the claims process!


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