Understanding Gun Liability Insurance

When choosing to own a firearm, the question is raised of whether or not to purchase gun liability insurance. As certain cities across the United States begin to mandate this insurance, understanding what it covers, as well as what it requires, has never been more important. Understanding gun liability insurance can help gun owners decide if it is right for them in areas where the policies are optional.

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Gun liability insurance covers any losses or damages that occur when the weapon has been accidentally discharged. If the gun is stolen or lost, the gun owner is considered liable until this has been reported to the local authorities. There is also a 25 dollar annual fee to own a gun.

States that require gun liability insurance do so in order to promote gun safety. Having the fee and the requirements puts a greater responsibility on gun owners to not only keep account of their weapon but to be more mindful of when it is used. The need to report stolen or lost weapons also allows the proper authorities to remain more vigilant for weapons in the area.

For additional information on gun liability insurance and whether or not it is right for you, please review the attached video.


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