How Helicopters Work

A helicopter has a lot of different parts that help it fly. The craft is a fantastic piece of technology that has added tremendous benefits to how people fly. In the video, you will understand what makes a helicopter work and fly through the air.
Four main parts of the craft need to be discussed to understand how everything works. The first is thrust, which moves the craft through the air.

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The second is a drag, which produces resistance as the craft moves along. The third is a lift which is what helps the helicopter take flight. And the last thing is the weight that drags the helicopter down.
The propellor creates the lift needed and thrusts through the air. The tail rotor helps the craft remain stable as it flies through the air.
These things could only happen with engines to power all the helicopter parts. The engine becomes the heart of the helicopter as it provides the power to make everything work. The engine is typically powered with fuel to make everything run.

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