The Best Marinas in Florida

In this video, you will learn about marinas. If you are considering moving to Florida or you already have, this video discusses the top five marinas to store your boat. Choosing a good marina is important.

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You want to consider the price, safety, and size of the marina. The first marina that is reviewed is the Casey Key Marina. This marina was rated a 7.5/10 for a few reasons. It is accessible at all tides, which is important. Another key feature it has is that it has shore bait and wet slips. The next marina is Seafood Shack Cortez. This marina is rated 8.5/10. It has a lot of great characteristics like fuel, bait, and it is accessible at all tides. Coming in at number three is the Marine Max Sarasota. This has a 9/10 rather, which is very positive all-around. It has a dockmaster available, is accessible on all sides, and has a waterside restaurant. There is a lot more to learn about marinas. If you want to learn more information, keep watching this video.

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