The Process of Construction from Start to Finish

For those not involved in construction, the process of building a structure from start to finish can seem unfathomable. The truth is, once you are familiar with the steps of construction, it all appears fairly simple.

Drawings are made up detailing the design for the residential or commercial construction — what the building will look like, where beams will be, what the plumbing system will look like. Those drawings are then approved by a jurisdiction.

Once the drawings are approved, the ground being built on must be cleared. After that, grid lines must be set up to ensure that the building will look as the plans intended. Reference points are marked and levels are used to keep everything in proper order.

The excavation surface is then compacted to reach the desired excavation level. Afterwards, the foundation rebar is placed down and the physical building can begin. Column starter bars are also added. Perimeter blocks are put in place, followed by beam reinforcement, grade slab, and concreting.

Construction professionals spend years perfecting their craft. The ins and outs of these steps become clear on the job, as well as the techniques used.


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