The Different Types of Power Connectors

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Power cords come in a variety of designs, from a C5 power cord to a 1-15 connector. This video explains a few of the most common IEC and NEMA power connectors.

IEC connectors fall under one of two categories: outlets or inlets, in contrast to jacks and plugs. IEC connectors use a number system to break the connectors into subcategories where the odd numbers are outlets and even numbers are inlets.

For example, a C5 outlet corresponds with a C6 inlet. These connectors are found on laptops, portable projectors, and desktop computers. C7 and C8 can be found on battery chargers, video game consoles, and AV equipment. C13 and C14 are found on desktop computers and monitors, as well as printers.

NEMA connectors are another type of common power connector. The 1-15P and 1-15R are the most common. These are the outlets that are found in many older homes that have not been upgraded to a grounded electrical system. 5-15P and 5-15R are connectors that have a third prong for grounded electrical systems. There are also 5-20 power connectors that have a sideways prong. These power connectors can handle more amperage.

There are even more types of power connectors that are suited for multiple different purposes. To learn more, click on the link above.

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