Do You Need Nutritional Supplements?

Nutrition is something on everyone’s mind, especially as you age. You balance your work, exercise, and diet in order to remain healthy, but sometimes your body needs a bit of extra care. A nutritional supplement is something you take in addition to your daily caloric intake, so that you can get the proper balance of the nutrients in your body. While the nutritional supplements you should take depend on your age, diet, and composition, there are some basic vitamins that everyone can take to boost their immune system.

Video Source

To help understand why your body needs nutritional supplements, this video goes into detail about each of the building blocks that the body needs to stay healthy.

The main reason why we need to take nutritional supplements is to account for the nutrients lost during modern food production. Most of the food we have in our daily diets is processed, thus losing valuable nutrients and not being enough to sustain a healthy bone and muscle system. For example, when whole wheat flour is processed into “enriched” white flour, it loses 91% of the Vitamin E it had before. It also loses 87% of the magnesium. This is just one example of how processed foods warrant the need for nutritional supplements.


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