How Grave Marker Installations Typically Go

After losing a loved one and beginning the grieving process, there comes the time to discuss the finances of their arrangements. Fortunately, life insurance and pre-paid funeral plans can help anticipate and prepare for the standard funeral costs. These financial plans can help cover the funeral reception, grave markers, wakes, caskets, and the preparations of the body.

Grave markers are customized headstones that sit in or on the ground before a grave.

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They are typically put in place before the funeral so the headstone can be apparent to everyone who attends. They are made to withstand weathering of all kinds, from wind to rain to fungal growth.

Grave markers are installed with utmost precision to ensure they are square with the grave and perpendicular to the ground. For those that lie flat on the ground, it is important to ensure they are not leaning one way or the other. Attention to detail makes for a more professional funeral and subsequent visits by family and friends.

If you are interested in customizing a headstone, grave marker, or monument, contact us today. We have affordable pricing and want to help you capture the life of your dearly departed as best as we can.

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