Versatile Cable Rigging Assembly What You Need to Know

Creating a versatile cable rigging assembly is crucial for a myriad of applications, from hanging string lights to providing structural support. This comprehensive guide ensures a proper setup, but it’s essential to note that the components demonstrated are for display purposes only. Users must carefully select components based on their specific applications and adhere to working load limits.

The rigging wire rope used in this assembly is a 316 7×19 galvanized cable, providing durability and strength. A 5/16″ by 4 1/2″ galvanized Jaw-Jaw turnbuckle serves as the tensioner, facilitating easy connections to other rigging attachments.

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Thimbles and drop-forged wire rope clips are employed for creating eye splices at the cable ends, enhancing stability and protection. For attachment to wood posts, galvanized shoulder lag eye bolts are recommended, providing a secure connection.

Electrical tape comes into play for seizing the cable ends, ensuring safety during handling. The assembly process involves installing eyebolts at attachment points, measuring and cutting the rigging wire rope, and creating eye splices using wire rope clips and thimbles. Attention to accuracy during assembly minimizes slack, maximizing the usable threads on the turnbuckle for optimal tensioning.

Understanding that the turnbuckle’s left-hand and right-hand threading draws the ends together, users can achieve the desired tension for their rigging wire rope assembly. This meticulous approach guarantees a successful and versatile rigging solution for various applications.


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