Insight Into 2023s Concrete Supply Chain Issues

Are you a builder? Have you noticed severe problems with concrete supply? The video provides excellent insight into the nature of this shortage and some of the factors that drive it.

The presenter in the video is in the construction business. He states that concrete is in such short supply that many workers are limited to one truck or laying a certain number of yards of concrete per week.

Video Source

Everything is being held up because of a severe shortage of powder used as a binding agent. If you intend to start a new project, you should find out what the market is like in your area. You may need to get in line to receive the cement you require. Other supply issues include a need for pavers. The cement work has been completed in many instances, but project managers need help finding drivers to pave the area.

Now you know some of the issues related to concrete supply in 2023. The presenter advises builders to source locally. The closer your products are, the more likely you will get them when you need them. Much of the backlog owes to the price of gas. To get a sense of how it affects other suppliers in your local area, you should call lumber companies and mixing plants.


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