Aircraft Hoseclamp Guide

An aircraft hoseclamp has many uses. They are used everywhere from the engine to the radiators. Plus, they are especially instrumental in fuel lines.

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The main purpose of a hoseclamp is to connect tubing to another tube or part. Ideally, you want a hoseclamp that has a tight seal. Otherwise, fluid may leak out of the hose. Even worse, the whole clamp may come lose and the tube may disconnect. On the other hand, you don’t want the clamp to be too tight and put unnecessary pressure on the tube either. In this video, you will learn about aircraft hoseclamps.

It can be tough finding a hoseclamp that is the right size for your tube. Thankfully, there are adjustable hoseclamps that make life just a little easier. These hoseclamps can be adjusted to fit the tube perfectly. Another alternative is that you make your own hoseclamp right then and there to fit the hose. This generally involves using steel wire and a hoseclamp kit as seen in this video. In general, this involves wrapping the steel wire around the hose several times and then clipping it to the right size. Then, a special tool is used to finish the job. However, these kits may not create as good of a seal as professional hoseclamps.


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